Our 9th Episode is underway as the topic for today's episode is a recap these last couple weeks about players and their fantasy impact values so far this year. Also mentioned some possible waiver wire lookouts and some starts and sits to consider for this weeks match ups. Hope you all enjoyed any feedback is welcome we would like to hear from you all.
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Our 8th Episode of the season as Week 3 of the preseason gets underway, we decided on making this episode a half hour longer since we have been out of the studio for a couple weeks. This episode is about the three of us all mock drafting in different draft positions and going through why we took those players when we did.

July 27, 2019

Sell High Buy Lows

Our 7th episode comes underway we are getting closer and closer to the regular season. Lot of hot topics during the off season and training camp. So here is the sell highs and buy lows episodes before regular season hits. Buy the players you want low and sell these players high before it is too late.
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June 15, 2019

RB Handcuffs

Our 6th Episode. This is our take on running back handcuffs and players to watch out for in this upcoming season. We are super stoke for football to be kicking off here soon. Feel free to give us a follow on Twitter @demigoddynasty. Also feel free to give us some feedback as well. We want to hear from you folks!

Our 5th Episode!! We again apologize for the late podcast summer is underway and we are trying to fit everyone's schedule into play. Paul one of our Demigod's unfortunately couldn't make it today but we are all trying to get back into the rhythm of things starting next week. Again please give us some honest feedback of what you think and or something you would like to hear in our future podcasts. Our Twitter handle is @DemigodDynasty. Hope you enjoy!

Dynasty IDP, Draft recap,our 4th episode. Give us some feedback in the comment section and or email, demigoddynasty32@gmail.com.
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3rd episode, very excited to put content out there for you folks.  Last part of the podcast was very humorous, just trying to give you good insight on rookie players this year. 

This is our second episode yet and we get to talk about defensive players! We as a team are starting to get use to podcasting and we are enjoying this as we hope you folks are! Any feedback or questions is greatly appreciated. E-mail us at demigoddynasty32@gmail.com

March 30, 2019

Top 20 RB

Our first podcast hope you enjoy! Simple mistakes, but yes we know it is James Connor not John Conner also simple mistake about the Gio Benard situation we all know he is still with the Bengals. Also we apologize about the breathing during podcast.  We would also much appreciate if you give us feedback an or questions, email us at demigoddynasty32@gmail.com.